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Wasked our interiors creator Louise Waghorn for her top tips on how to get your home ready for Christmas visitors.

e says: “It’s always really important to plan ahead for Christmas and make lists galore to ensure that everything is covered then you won’t come unstuck.

“If you are expecting guests this Christmas then I would make sure the whole house gets a complete deep clean, whether it needs it or not, before they are due.

“Guest rooms need to include crisp, freshly laundered linen, hot water bottles, snuggly bed socks or slippers, throws, spare toothbrushes and paste, water and glasses to quench any midnight thirsts and lots of fluffy towels.

“Depending on the age of your guests you could include a cuddly toy or books and magazines to suit.

“I’d also suggest placing a guest Christmas stocking at the end of the bed so that no one misses out on their pressies even if they are away from home!

“It’s important that you don’t focus too much on the cleaning and shopping that you don’t take some time out to enjoy the build up to the big day with family and friends.”

Written by Capella Rew — November 19, 2013

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