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We haven’t always loved our baubles. Like lots of Christmas traditions we treasure here in Britain, baubles originally came from Germany. Specifically from the mountain village of Lauscha, which was then and is now a glass blowing mecca.

Before baubles, in Germany everyone hung sweets or nuts on their trees. However, one year the 17th century glassblower Hans Greiner couldn’t afford edible decorations so he decided to make glass baubles shaped like fruit and nuts instead. The idea caught on in Germany as fast as if someone had tweeted about it or shared it on Facebook.

Queen Victoria was responsible for their popularity in Britain when her husband Prince Albert brought them into the country and her tree one year was featured in a national newspaper. From then on everyone wanted them. Ahhh the power of celebrity endorsement and PR!

Written by Capella Rew — November 22, 2013

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