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When Christmas cards start dropping through your letterbox, rather than simply popping them on the nearest available piece of furniture you could try something a bit more stylish instead.

String a piece of festive ribbon or some garden-twine across a mantelpiece or bookcase, fixing it at either end, and use decorative pegs to keep your cards in place.

You could also take a bare winter branch, lean it against a wall and display the cards on it using pegs. The pegs will last year on year and will be enduringly fashionable.

Here are our favourite peg styles that would be perfect for both a modern pad and a country cottage. 

Pack of five festive figures wooden pegs
H7cm (peg size). £4.50 per pack.

Pack of five wooden snowflake pegs
H7cm (peg size). £4.50 per pack.

Felt Christmas tree pegs
H5cm (tree size).
They come in four colours: orange, purple, lime green and red. £2 each or save £2 with a pack of four (one of each colour) for £6.

Written by Cherry Pullinger — November 29, 2013

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