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Gone are the days when knitting was dismissed as a pastime for the untrendy – there are now knitting circles on the swankiest Hollywood sets and wet felting is fast following suit.

Knitting is relaxing and all absorbing. It’s the ‘new yoga’.

The hobby is shedding its ‘old-fashioned’ image and becoming more simple and accessible to a new generation of knitters via easy to use kits.

As well as being a relaxing pastime, the many benefits of knitting and wet felting  include its ability to help beat stress and even burn off a few extra calories!

Boosted by its celebrity following, the art of knitting has recently come to assume a contemporary, even spiritual dimension.

It’s become a hip way to relax and unleash the creativity of a new generation of knitters, thanks to a renewed appreciation of all things hand-crafted and a move towards simple living, away from mass market consumerism.

Take up the hobby as a means of relaxation whether at home, on holiday or on the train to work. It’s an absorbing experience that’s ultimately much more rewarding than social media!

All our kits, knit and wet felt, include easy to use instructions and there is always the maker who’s available to give advice and tips if needed.

Written by Sarah Johnstone — March 23, 2016

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