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If you’re planning a bit of a ‘do’ to celebrate Her Majesty’s official birthday in June, here’s our checklist to help you get the party started but in an eco-friendly way that Prince Charles would be proud of.
  • Send official invitations using some traditional cards or paper with a regal letterhead
  • Set the mood with some lighting and make the evening last longer – opt for large lanterns with candles inside and a few welcoming tea lights on your table. Don’t forget citronella candles to help keep the bugs at bay.
  • You could also use solar powered lanterns too.
  • Think local when sourcing your party food – if you aren’t able to grow your own, look for British lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes and find your nearest farm shop. Ready-washed bags of salad from overseas use up a great deal of energy to get to us.
  • Buy your meat from a nearby butcher. Buying locally helps reduce your carbon footprint and means you’re supporting businesses in your community too.
  • Why not brew your own tipple – elderflower champagne is easy to make and tastes delicious!
  • If you’re not keen on a BBQ, how about doing an afternoon tea with sandwiches and cakes?
  • Use biodegradable plates and cutlery to make clearing up easier and also to ensure your wastage isn’t adding to the country’s mounting landfill
  • Invest in some re-useable fabric bunting that you can bring out for other parties and events or make your own.

Written by Sarah Johnstone — May 10, 2016

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