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We’re looking for people who do not use their garden sheds in a ‘traditional’ way but instead use them as a creative space.

Many of our makers work in garden studios so we’d like to hear about some of the more interesting ways in which you utilise your shed too.

The first records of garden sheds date back to Medieval times, according to researchers.

Many artists and writers such as John Betjeman have created masterpieces in their sheds too.

We know of people who use them for train sets, others who have converted them into offices, hobbyist writers and artists who use them as tranquil havens and we have even heard of one man who keeps one of the world’s largest collections of antique milk bottles in his!

We’re hoping people will share photographs on how they have adapted their garden sheds for crafty projects on our social media to give others inspiration.

So if anyone has any interesting stories regarding what they use their sheds for, then do get in touch.

Written by Sarah Johnstone — May 17, 2016

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