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Bees and butterflies are in decline in the UK, but both insects are important to the gardener as they help to pollinate plants.

By planting some of their favourite flowers you will help to bring more of these wonderful insects into your garden.

Plants to attract butterflies:

  • Early flowers, such as aubretia and primroses, are particularly useful for feeding butterflies that come out of hibernation in spring
  • During April and May, honesty and sweet rocket are good choices
  • Lavender, red valerian and thyme are midsummer varieties and will attract many insects
  • In autumn, michaelmas daisies, petunias and goldenrod can give butterflies a last chance to stock up with nectar before hibernating
  • Buddleia, otherwise known as the butterfly bush, is great at attracting the insect throughout the summer months
  • Nettles are another popular choice, particularly for Red Admirals and Peacock butterflies. If you plant the nettles in a pot it should prevent them from spreading and causing a nuisance
  • Adult butterflies are dependent on nectar, but caterpillars prefer to eat plants, leaving an area of longer grass or wildflowers will provide food for them.

All your bee needs in one place:

Friend or relative’s birthday coming up? Love bees? Select a bee card, a bee gift and a bee gift wrap and your pal will be buzzing with joy!

Knitted bee card

For the queen bee or super honey in your life. You won’t find two of these on the same mantelpiece for sure.

Knitted bee card

Tea cosy

Will fit an average two cup teapot. This hand-knitted tea cosy would look great as a centrepiece to any tea table.

Pork pie style knitted tea cosy with daffodils and bumble bee


Sunflowers and bee gift wrap

This summery gift wrap was designed by the talented Angie Spurgeon. 

Sunflowers and bees gift wrap

Written by Sarah Johnstone — May 19, 2016

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