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Much like colouring books are trend-worthy for adults, knitting has gone past the stage of only being popular for the elderly. It is relaxing and all absorbing. It’s the ‘new yoga’.

Easy-to-use knitting kits are becoming increasingly popular and are accessible to a new generation of knitters.

Not only a hobby, knitting can also be a useful strategy to create something needed for yourself, whether it be clothing, accessories, such as pom-poms, or even decorations, such as a knitted bunting.

It is a great way for knitters to express their creativity, as well as creating an item of joy for a friend or relative.

Knitting is a multi-tasking hobby, which makes life that bit easier. Especially if you’re finishing a knitted piece of clothing because it saves you leaving the house to go clothes shopping! Once you become a skilled knitter you will most probably be able to knit away while interacting with friends and family or even watching TV.

If you are able to put your heart and soul into your knitting work, to then able to wear or place it as decoration around the house, wherever you like, gives a great sense of achievement.  

All of our kits, are easy-to-use and include instructions. Our makers are also available to give help if necessary

Written by Sarah Johnstone — June 02, 2016

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