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Spring is the perfect time for a clear out so we asked our founder, Rachel for her top tips on how to declutter your home and make the most of good storage.

She said: “I like to go through all of my paperwork and notes and I throw out anything that is out of date or no longer useful. I find pinboards come in really handy for pinning up any notes I need to keep and to do lists fresh in my mind. I always have loads of lists on the go and they keep me focused.

“It’s important to be ruthless when decluttering, if it’s not come in handy in the past six months then there is probably no reason to keep it. Decluttering can be a time consuming job, so it’s a good idea to dedicate an entire day or weekend to it and make sure you have plenty of tea or coffee breaks.

“Fabrics that can no longer be used for crafting projects and any old household items such as DVDs, CDs, printer toners and old mobile phones can be donated to national charities, such as bibic. This is a good way of reducing landfill and ensuring your unwanted items are put to good use.

“Storing items can be easy if you’re organised. Don’t just throw items into a drawer and be done with it, make sure they’re arranged neatly and even use drawer organisers. You can label the drawer to remind yourself what’s in it and use desk tidys and wallets to keep important paperwork safe.”

Written by Capella Rew — February 12, 2014

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