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So you have found the perfect gift for your Mum but now you have to wrap it. With Mother’s Day just around the corner we asked our illustrator and gift wrap designer, Angie Spurgeon to give us her top tips on how to wrap the perfect present.

“Before you start it is important to select the right paper, I would recommend a medium-weight gift wrap as it is easier to work with than thinner ones, which have a tendency to crumple and tear.

“Once you have selected your paper make sure you measure it properly as this will make the wrapping easier and also ensures the ends will be neatly folded.

“Always use sharp scissors to cut the paper, if you don’t you may get torn, jagged edges, instead of nice clean ones.

“To avoid any unsightly tears or creases make sure you wrap your presents on a hard surface. Don’t be tempted to work on the floor or carpet as it makes it more difficult for you to control the paper.

“One of the trickiest parts of wrapping a present is folding the ends. I would recommend folding the sides first and then folding the top flap and the bottom flap to meet one another in the middle before taping.

“If want to be really neat, use double sided tape to keep all traces of tape hidden. However, if you are using a plain wrap you could make a bold statement by using a contrasting colourful tape.

“Once the gift is wrapped add bows or ribbon for further decoration.”

Written by Capella Rew — March 27, 2014

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