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Here are our top tips for giving your home a spring clean.

  1. Get all your equipment together and the products you need before you start work.
  2. Write a list of jobs to do and prioritise.
  3. Go from room to room and complete one room at the time.
  4. Tackle all the bigger jobs first, such as washing bedding and mattress toppings. If their care labels say you can, then you could also wash pillows and duvets.
  5. Wash or dry clean your curtains and clean the inside of your windows.
  6. Remember that the outside of your home will need a spruce up too. Wash windows and woodwork, wipe down front doors and any door furniture, check pots and any plants, and give everything a wash, tidy, brush up and sort out. Also, check your patio paving for slippery algae or moss, which needs to be cleaned off too.

Written by Capella Rew — April 10, 2014

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