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Ever wondered what Rachel gets up to on a typical day? 

My day usually starts early as I have a six-year-old who likes to hear the dawn chorus. Luckily I don’t need a huge amount of sleep during the week and tend to catch up at weekends.

I’m normally working from around 8am after the chickens, we have a handful of Light Sussex and three Marans, have been fed and their water changed. During the summer months all the veggies and fruit I grow need to be watered too.

Most of the garden is on timed irrigation systems and the water comes from a borehole but as we have quite a large kitchen garden with raised beds, a fruit cage, orchard and polytunnel there is always something that needs watering by hand.

Once in the office I like to have a cuppa before meeting with the team to discuss the priorities of the day.

We often look at the sales from the website overnight first as most purchases are made in the evenings. The other spike occurs at lunchtimes when people are having a break at work. We also discuss the figures related to how people are finding the website and the bestsellers.

We then contact our makers to organise any items we don’t have in stock or that need to be made to order. Anything in stock is parcelled up and sent out.

I work closely with the team on our social media, marketing and PR campaigns, writing the copy for both customer and maker e-newsletters. I also oversee product shoots with my husband in our on-site photographic studio. I work on strategy for the website as a whole. At the moment that means looking at all things Christmas related.

Home time is 6pm then it’s off to do homework, a bedtime story and have a cuddle with my daughter.

Written by Capella Rew — June 04, 2014

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