Elsie & Fleur

Thinking of going blackberrying? Then now is the perfect time to pull on your wellies and head for the hedgerows.

Make sure you have all the necessary equipment for your forage including wet (or warm) weather gear and containers to pop your fruit into.

Have a good idea of where you’re heading and make a walk of it as well.

Avoid kerb side bushes that are too near the traffic as they may be covered with pollutants. It’s also safer to pick away from busy roads.

A top tip is to pick berries that are waist height and above then if any animals have used the hedgerow for a comfort break you can pop them straight in your mouth and you’ll be spared an unwelcome taste sensation.

Once you have your seasonal haul you can use them for jams, crumbles, pies and compotes. They are lovely stewed and eaten with yoghurt and especially delicious combined with apples in crumbles. Enjoy!

Written by Cherry Pullinger — August 28, 2014

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