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White wedding fabric heartWe’ve come up with some top tips to ensure your winter wedding is a wonderful affair.

Remember the days are shorter in winter so it is important to plan your ceremony to ensure there will be enough time for photographs in natural light. In case of ice, rain or snow it is also wise to select a venue that has well-lit space inside for photos.

When it comes to colour schemes accents in gold or silver will help to create a hint of luxury and add warmth.

Lighting is key to creating a really magical atmosphere. Placing lots of candles around your venue or as part of your table centrepieces will bring warmth and also create a romantic feel too. Scented candles, such as spiced ones can also be very atmospheric. Fairy lights draped over tables or in archways will add a magical twist.

Remember you don’t just have to have flowers in your bouquet, think about adding some seasonal, textural elements, such as pinecones or berries too.

Bear in mind that unlike a summer wedding when guests can mingle on the lawn a winter wedding will require a little extra planning to ensure your guests are kept happy.

If it’s icy make sure paths have been de-iced and check there are mats for people to wipe their feet as you don’t want anyone to slip. Also, make sure you find out about heating at your chosen venue.

Written by Capella Rew — September 03, 2014

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