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As it is UK Wool Week we are celebrating all things woolly. First off here are a few woolly facts for you.

  • Even when it’s damp wool can still keep you warm. It is also fire resistant.
  • Wool is completely bio-degradable, which means unlike manmade fibres it will break down completely into the soil.
  • During hot or cold weather wearing wool will keep you at a constant temperature because it doesn’t conduct heat.
  • Unlike synthetic or cotton materials wool will provide you with a much higher level of UV protection.

 We also stock a range of products made from wool and these are five of our favourites.

British bunting kit
– £12.95

Grey Shetland and fleece bowl
– £26
Grey Shetland and fleece bowl

Blackberry beanie hat – £22
Blackberry beanie hat

Green wrist warmers – £6.60

Green wrist warmers

Wet felting kit seaside – £14.99
Wet felting kit - seaside

Written by Capella Rew — October 06, 2014

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