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Love to bake fridge magnetOctober is a great time to spend in the kitchen experimenting and filling the chilly evenings or weekends. It is also a perfect activity to involve the whole family and here are some of our top tips to get you baking this half-term.

Before you start work out what you want to bake by looking through cook books or at recipes online and seeing what inspires you.

Make a list of the ingredients you need and cross reference with what you have, that way you know if you are going to need to pop to the shop before you get started.

The great thing about baking is that there are always a lot of jobs to do such as weighing the ingredients, mixing, kneading, lining tins or washing up so there should be something for everyone to get stuck in and help with.

While your creation is cooking you can all sit back and watch a film or play a game to fill the time.

The main thing to remember is that whatever you bake, the most important thing of all is to have fun making it and enjoy eating the end result. 

Happy baking! 

Written by Capella Rew — October 24, 2014

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