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Families who would like to take part in a festive tradition this year can stir up a Christmas pudding with the help of our Christmas pudding kit.

The kit contains a Christmas pudding recipe as well as a traditional sixpence that people can use to make their puddings on Stir up Sunday on November 23.

Traditionally on Stir up Sunday families gather in the kitchen to bake a Christmas pudding. Everyone gets a turn to mix the pudding and while stirring they make a wish.

Stir-up Sunday falls on the last Sunday before the season of Advent. It is a quintessentially British Christmas tradition and is said to have been introduced to the Victorians by Prince Albert.

Traditionally, families gather together in the kitchen to bake and enjoy Christmas pudding on Stir up Sunday.

Parents teach their children how to mix ingredients for the pudding. Everyone will get a turn to mix, and an opportunity to utter a wish.

In some households, parents put coins in the pudding mix and allow children to find them. It is believed that finding a coin brings wealth, health, happiness for the coming year.

Christmas pudding kit
Box H9.4cm x W13.4cm. £5.50

Written by Cherry Pullinger — October 29, 2014

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