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If you’re trying to get your home all spick and span for the festive period that is speeding towards us at a great pace, then anyone with a wood burning stove will know that, before it is used daily in earnest, it is always a good idea to give it a good clean out.

One of the areas that needs a good buff is the glass window at the front of your stove. After all you do want to see those flames lapping and those embers glowing when you settle down for an evening by the fire.

Before working on your stove, make sure it is completely cool. Leave it at least 48 hours after you last used it before tackling this job.

Wear rubber gloves, an apron, old clothing and a dust mask to avoid breathing in any ash. If you need an apron to keep all these items and your cleaning materials close at hand. We recommend one of our new household aprons from maker, Louise Waghorn.

Protect your floor around the stove with a dust sheet or old newspapers. Use white vinegar sparingly on an old cloth and wipe off the soot from the glass. Keep repeating this until the glass is clear, use a fresh cloth each time so as not to put soot on that you should be taking off.

Dry off with another clean cloth and remove the newspapers and dust sheet very carefully so as not to drop any soot on the floor. Shake off any soot into the bin or outside in the garden and recycle the newspapers. Store away your dust sheet for the next time you need to do this simple but effective job. 

Written by Rachel Burks — November 05, 2014

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