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Want some advice on preparing your home for Christmas? Our interiors creator Louise Waghorn shares some of her top tips.

Louise says: “I find that keeping a special note pad for Christmas helps with planning ahead and getting the house in good order. I recommend working to a budget and jotting down costs in your pad.

“With five children, ranging from teenagers to a toddler, there’s plenty to do in our household. About a month before the big day I clear out and defrost my freezer in readiness for the food that it will need to accommodate and I plan my shopping for the festive season. There are lots of needs to be catered for. Those who like sprouts, those who don’t!

“I order my food online as this helps focus the mind and saves time in the long run trying to find parking and rushing around in an already overcrowded supermarket. Wherever possible I buy presents online too and I like to support British businesses.

“I like to get presents wrapped well in advance of the Christmas tree going up and try to complete most of my present buying by the second week of December. But with young ones in the house it is vital the tree doesn’t go up too early or they get too excited too soon, and we get tears and tantrums.

“So plan for the tree to go up a week before the big day and to pop the presents under a few days before Christmas Eve.

“To add a bit of festive colour to your home, make ribbon bows and attach to the top of a bauble for the tree, this way you can change the colour scheme without having the expense of changing the whole lot. I have to say that tartan ribbon is the best for this kind of makeover.

“Use the same ribbon bows on garlands, stockings etc, to tie in with the tree for a really classy look – bow-tastic!

“Christmas cushions can add a festive vibe to any room without too much additional work and can be used year on year and packed away for the other 10 to 11 months when they’re not in use. Just buy and scatter.

“Last but not least, my old favourite, Christmas classic is paper chains. I have them criss-crossed all over the ceiling in the dining area and you could use wrapping paper. This gives more variety and helps your money go further. You could even recycle last year’s leftover wrapping paper. This year I’m going to use the old paper that is in the loft to make Christmas bunting, just glue on to some card and using a hole punch thread some ribbon through.”

Written by Capella Rew — November 19, 2014

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