Elsie & Fleur

Tis the season to be jolly and/or merry and bright but that doesn’t mean you have to be ultra traditional... you can be kitsch instead. Here are our ideas for a cheerful yet modern take on your festive decorations this year.

  1. Take an eclectic mix of objects in vibrant shades and vary shapes but make sure they complement each other colour wise.
  2. Display your items in a relaxed style on a mantelpiece, book case or sideboard.
  3. For the kitsch element throw in a few decs that are designed to make you smile such as one of our rustic reindeer or a snow globe.
  4. Bring some homespun charm with hand appliquéd stockings and Santa sacks.
  5. Rather than having a traditional fir tree, whether faux or fresh, go for something funky like our driftwood tree or decorate your existing tree with ribbons and folk style decorations.

Written by Sarah Johnstone — December 04, 2014

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