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Nature and keeping things natural seems to be one of the key trends for 2015. Think nature inspired colours, patterns such as florals and natural elements like wood, stone or metal.

Combine wood, metal, glass or leather items to create a blend of textures, which will be pleasing to the eye and to touch.

Incorporating bright colours such as orange, purple, red or lime into living areas looks set to be big too. Think bright accent pieces or feature walls offset with lighter more neutral colours.

Pastels should remain popular again, but this year, pair them with more vibrant, zesty tones to provide contrast.

Beech hollow form

Beech hollow form

Red felted hearts 


Green fetl button heart

Green felt button heart

Coat hanger - driftwood

Coat hanger – driftwood look



Written by Sarah Johnstone — January 21, 2015

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