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If you’re out and about this month visiting car boot sales, markets and charity shops looking for nick-nacks, why not pick up some vintage crockery and plant it up with hyacinth? China cups make wonderful containers.

  1. For anything other than hyacinth you would need holes in your crockery to allow for drainage but if you are sparing with your watering and check the soil with your finger to see if it is dry before watering, then you will not need holes.
  2. Pop a thin layer of gravel and compost in your cup before adding your hyacinth bulb/plant. You can include two bulbs/plants if you have room.
  3. Fill in around your bulbs/plants with compost but ensure the tops of the bulbs are not covered and about a quarter of the bulb remains uncovered at the top.
  4. For added interest you could cover the compost with decorative gravel or moss.

Remember: hyacinth bulbs can cause skin irritation. Handle with care.

Written by Sarah Johnstone — February 20, 2015

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