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Having a home office that is so good looking you don’t want to close the door on it is always desirable but when planning yours be sure you can still create a practical space that’s easy to work in or you will be forever moving back to the kitchen table or sofa.


Your office furniture should be functional and ergonomic but it needn’t be ugly. It’s easier to work if you opt for a simple and uncluttered look. Make sure each piece of furniture has a function and matches the other décor.

Keep your desk neat, so you have ample space to work in, with filing trays, drawers and by using memo boards for notelets.

Try and store receipts and files electronically to avoid too much desk bound paperwork. In order to have a sleek look that allows you to feel in control yet comfortable in the space you’re creating, make sure your desk accessories match your décor as well.

Written by Sarah Johnstone — March 06, 2015

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