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Have you had a note in the post recently? Something handwritten that someone didn’t dash off but that they spent time crafting and was popped in a cheery card that you could place with love on your mantelpiece, desk or pinboard?

There is a common view that letters, notes and writing by hand are things of the past, in fact ‘thank you’ notes and keeping a diary are also old school…can you even remember how to hold a pen?

The media has for the past few years been bemoaning the apparent fall from grace of handwriting, but it is still something children are very much into and we know primary schools the world over are still teaching it, even if they have all singing, all dancing IT suites.

It’s convenient to think that we don’t use diaries because we favour our iPad planners and that no one writes a handwritten letter because it’s easier and cheaper to email it. More than likely, technology and our overly complicated and very busy lives have distracted us from sitting and staring out of the window, composing ourselves and putting pen to paper.

Enter National Stationery Week and the Get Britain Writing campaign. Doesn’t sound too exciting but if you love pretty paper and cards and gorgeous pens then this is a week to revel in.

The organisers want to remind people of the joy and importance of putting pen to paper. They say it’s not just about the physical act of putting pen to paper but also about stopping what you’re doing and taking time out to enjoy the process. Think of Beatrix Potter and the wonderful stories and paintings of her characters she included in some of her letters. It was a creative activity and heart-felt.

Possibly slightly ironically I am telling you all about this on a blog and the organisers are using the hashtags #GetBritainWriting as well as #LoveStationery and #StationeryAddict on Twitter in the run up to National Stationery Week to inspire people to take part.

Maybe we should all be popping a few notes in the post on a notelet instead?

To find out more, please visit www.nationalstationeryweek.com. The awareness week runs from March, April 27 to May 3, 2015. Happy writing – drop me a hand-penned line if you fancy it!

Written by Sarah Johnstone — March 09, 2015

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