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Bathrooms are the one room in the house where you need to make the most of the space you have in order to cater for all of the family’s needs.

A big priority in the bathroom is storage. It’s tricky to fit cupboards and drawers into a small room so something placed underneath a sink is a great way to gain storage without losing space.

To make sure the eye isn’t drawn to the cupboard and to keep things looking seamless, paint it to blend in with the tile surrounds.

Another good idea is to place shelving somewhere that would be considered a dead area. Above the loo is a good place to start, as well as above a towel rail or in a corner.

You can store all yours and your children’s bits and pieces here without them getting in the way.

It also means that once the children are in bed everything can be tidied away so you can have some down time and a long relaxing soak in a warm bath.

Good lighting and a big mirror is perfect for making the room as light and bright as possible.

Choosing big tiles to cover wall and floor areas will make your space seem bigger and a sophisticated finish keeps the bathroom looking smart and tidy while remaining child-friendly.

Written by Sarah Johnstone — March 27, 2015

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