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Ever thought about blowing your own egg this Easter?

Perhaps it’s something you’ve done before, may be at primary school, and can’t quite remember how?

  1. Select a perfectly fresh egg – only use eggs that you can buy at supermarkets or in other grocery stores and farm shops. You should not take wild birds eggs.
  2. We recommend trying this technique with goose, duck, hen, pheasant, quail or ostrich eggs.
  3. Hold the egg over the bowl of water, just in case you drop it.
  4. Use a darning needle (children will need parental assistance and should not be allowed to do this alone) to pierce a small hole at the top and a slightly larger extraction hole at the bottom of the egg.
  5. Pierce the inner membrane of the egg and then blow out the contents, blowing from the top of the egg out through the larger hole, into to a bowl.
  6. You can keep the contents you’ve blown out to use in cooking
  7. Rinse the empty egg shell with water and leave it to dry with the larger hole face-down on a paper towel.
  8. Once your egg has dried you can use it as part of an Easter display with spring flowers and fluffy home knitted chicks or similar. Enjoy!


Written by Sarah Johnstone — March 27, 2015

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