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Ever wondered where this saying came from? In the olden days when horses were the mode of transport and of power on the land, people used to look at horses teeth to assess their age and so value.

Horses’ teeth grow and protrude as they age. Hence the expression ‘long in the tooth’ being used to refer to someone as being old or older.

If a horse was given as a gift to look into its mouth and check its teeth is the modern day equivalent of checking on the price label gift to see how much it was worth or how much someone has spent on you.

Just horsing around!

Here are a few horse themed gift ideas we’re trotting out at the moment:

Old Mucker Triple M rose feed – handmade in Somerset and perfect for your blooms
Size 15.5x12.5cm. £6
Watering can not included. Triple M is a horse manure feed packed with nitrogen and potassium, the very things that help roses to thrive.

Old Mucker Triple M rose feed

Set of four wooden animal puzzles including a horse – handcrafted by a wooden toy maker in Somerset
Duck puzzle – four pieces. Approx. H10cm x W10.5cm
Giraffe puzzle – three pieces. Approx. H13.5cm x W7cm
Horse puzzle – four pieces. Approx. H13cm x W12cm
Elephant puzzle – three pieces. Approx. H9cm x W12cm.

Set of four wooden animal puzzles

Children’s horse print dress in sorbet colours – hand sewn by a nibble Westcountry seamstress

Written by Sarah Johnstone — April 21, 2015

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