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If you are planning to spring clean your bedroom and to give your wardrobes a going over, then here are a few handy hints that ought to help you get the job done.


    1. Start with a huge clear out – if you haven’t worn anything for more than a year then it’s probably time to let it go. Donate any clothes, accessories, handbags and shoes still in good condition to charity.
    2. Think about what you need to store and work out what your priorities are.
    3. Do you like to hang your clothing or fold it, do you prefer your shoes on racks or in boxes.
    4. Measure the space you have and plan how best you can utilise it, and use your space wisely, employing lots of nifty storage devices like containers that can go under beds, baskets on open shelves and ready-made plastic dividers.
    5. Rotate your clothing. Keep out-of-season clothes in trunks or boxes in a spare room or your attic. Remember to include moth repellent sachets and products to keep your clothing smelling nice such as our lavender filled, felt bird.
    6. If you don’t already have built in wardrobes look at investing in them – fitted cupboards ought to have rails for clothing and drawers for folded items too.

      Written by Sarah Johnstone — May 22, 2015

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