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Time to turn off the phone and take a long relaxing soak.

Since Roman times we’ve enjoyed taking baths, but now modern plumbing means we no longer need to trek to the thermal springs to enjoy the reviving warm water.

Baths mean different things to different people, but for most of us they are a means of washing off the dust of the day and grabbing some ‘me time’.

It’s a calming experience that helps get ready for a good night’s rest too.

Here’s our go-to guide to having a lovely, long soak that relaxes and revitalises you:

  • Scent the water to help soothe and relax you.
  • Cleanse and replenish your skin as you soak and treat yourself to some lovely soaps, oils and gels.
  • Use oils when you get out on your damp skin for maximum moisturising potential.
  • Don’t forget to utilise candles safely to help reduce the need for harsher, electric lighting.
  • Get the temperature of your water just right – for a relaxing, pre-bedtime bath go for water at 37°c as this helps promote sleep.
  • Bath thermometers are available in High Street and online stores so you can get it just right.
  • In the morning go for a cooler bath to prevent it from zapping your energy. A temperature of 36°c is just right for this and not too chilly.

To help ensure your bathroom is a lovely sanctuary fit for bathing in, how about using some of these wonderful, handmade products from artisans in the wild and woolly yet wonderful Westcountry?

Lavender Milk Soap
Not less than 100gms. 

Lavender is the perfect relaxing aroma and this soap is full of it! This luxury gentle milk soap produces a rich, creamy lather and is perfect for use in bath, shower or as a hand soap. This is a wonderful gift idea and a great treat.

 Lavender Milk Soap

Sweet orange, Cinnamon Leaf Oil & Milk Soap
Not less than 100gms.

This luxury rich and creamy soap has a zingy warming aroma and is perfect for use in bath, shower or as a hand soap. Palm oil free, SLS free.

 Sweet Orange, Cinnamon Leaf Oil & Milk Soap

Bathroom hanging wooden duck sign 


Go quackers for this cute wooden hanging duck with blue check bow-tie. Hand cut, painted and decorated by our talented crafter Jo Stephens, this will brighten up any bathroom and is perfect for hanging on a door knob or cupboard handles thanks to pretty white ribbon.

 Bathroom hanging wooden duck sign

The bathroon wooden sign

H8cm x W13cm. A great way of signposting the smallest room in the house in a neat and pretty way. Comes with garden twine and matching blue ribbon and button motif.

The bathroom wooden sign

Written by Sarah Johnstone — May 29, 2015

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