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If you can’t dedicate a whole room to a home office then it’s not a problem as there are lots of great ideas for handy solutions out there.

Accept an alcove
As alcoves are all different sizes if you can’t find a desk that fits fix battens to the wall and attach a piece of wood to create the desk space you need. Use rows of hooks to hang essential items on like tape, scissors, keys and notes on. Keep notes and lists in order with one of our wooden boards made by talented Westcountry maker Jo Stephens.

Colonise a cupboard
If you have a built-in floor to ceiling cupboard that would suit or a wardrobe then time to colonise it. It’s perfect for an office solution as you can just shut the doors on it once you’ve finished your day’s work or your evening home admin chores. Fix in a shelf that’s the correct height for you to sit at and make cubby holes for paperwork. Use a memo board like this one, please click here, to keep notes on and to pin urgent lists or bills to pay on.

Claim a corner
If you need to use a corner of an existing room, use furniture that blends with the décor. A desk than can double as a sideboard in a living room or a dressing table in a bedroom once all the paperwork and the laptop are tidies away is great. Floating shelving is a stylish choice for storage too.

Written by Sarah Johnstone — June 10, 2015

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