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If you’d like to rip up your carpets and strip back to the natural wood below, then here are our happy hints for how to do so:

Start with preparing your boards – knock in any nails that are sticking out and secure any loose boards.
•    Fill any gaps between boards and any holes with wood filler.
•    Hire a sander to get the job done – you will need two different types. A drum sander for the main area and a smaller sander for doing the edging, sides and corners.
•    When you get to the point of starting your sanding – remove everything from the room, seal around the doors with a masking tape.
•    If your boards are really rough you will need to sand them with a coarse sheet at first before using a medium grade sheet. Do the same with the edging sander.
•    Get rid of the dust by vacuuming and using a cloth and white spirit.
•    Seal your boards with two coats of varnish or timber stain.

Written by Sarah Johnstone — June 26, 2015

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