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If you’re looking to revamp your home this summer and are planning some complete room overhauls, take a tip from us, use a mood board to ensure you get a coordinated and stylish look and that you don’t go off list!

Start initially with a base colour – what will the largest area of your room be coloured. Think about the floor and the walls. Don’t forget your ceiling – it doesn’t have to be pure white.

Add that colour to your mood board first and also if you’re going for a flooring like a carpet, which can add texture to your room, pop this on next.

As a rule of thumb for a well-balanced scheme 70% of the room (such as the floor/walls) should be in one colour and 20% another colour, this could be your soft furnishing, with your accent colour making up the remaining 10%, which is usually accessories.

Remember paint can look different once it is up on your wall as it will vary with the time of day and the size and orientation of the room. So paint the inside of a box with a tester pot to get yourself a 3D space that you can look at in different light to see how it works with your preferred scheme.

Next consider an accent tone – it can be dramatically contrasting to your base colour or a few tones away from it. Play with options on your mood board and use swatches and scraps to layer it up.

Now look at your accessories. Don’t mix styles as this can make your scheme look disjointed and pick out your accent colour. If you are mixing patterns never use large ones with small ones and choose prints and patterns with one shared colour so they co-ordinate, but don’t look over matched.

Written by Sarah Johnstone — June 30, 2015

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