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With the summer finally here, why not take some well-earned rest from your work and get outdoors into the fresh air and sunlight?

Exercising outside can help stimulate the senses and give you a real buzz. Here are five great ways to go native:

1. On yer bike! There are 14,000 miles of cycle routes in the UK and a third of them are traffic free. In fact you don’t have to live in the Westcountry to benefit from one of these networks – three-quarters of the country’s population live within a few miles of the national cycle network. To get some ideas of where you can pedal off to visit sustrans.org.uk.

2. Go walking – even a simple walk after tea or dinner in the evening can help lift the spirits. There are loads of paths out there to explore and if you fancy something more dramatic how about taking a walking holiday around the West’s coastline paths.

3. Wild swimming is all the rage these days – it’s the chance to take a dip in a river, lake or seawater pool. For more info visit www.outdoorswimmingsociety.com.

4. Join a parkrun – more than 330 parks nationwide host these 5km timed runs at 9am every Saturday morning. They are for all ages and abilities and you can even take your dog or run with a buggy. You can go as fast or as slow as you like too. To get further details visits parkrun.org.uk.

5. A study by Oxford Brookes University found an hour of some Green Gym sessions burned almost a third more calories than an average aerobics class. There are 130 Green Gyms out there. To find out where your nearest one is: www.tcv.org.uk/greengym.

Written by Sarah Johnstone — July 07, 2015

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