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Having the right lighting can create the perfect mood for parties and al fresco dining in your garden this summer.

As the evenings are now longer it’s time to use your outdoor space as an extension of your home and often, in order to do this, you need to use some additional lighting.

If you’d like to enjoy more time in your garden and have softly lit dinner parties outdoors, then now is the time to invest in some great lighting solutions.

Go for task lighting if you have access to electricity and position it permanently in areas of the garden where you need it such as near the barbecue, your outdoor dining table and to help light up steps.

If you don’t have electricity in your garden, or if you’re would like to have softer lighting, then opt for candles in lanterns or tea lights in holders and even jam jars, if you’re after a rustic, country cottage vibe.

Don’t forget to get some citronella candles to help keep the bugs at bay, as the only nibbling in progress ought to be your invited guests enjoying the food you’ve prepared.
Lastly, developments in solar lighting mean that they are getting better all the time so are perfect for lighting pathways, tables and for decorative fairy lights that can be strewn in trees or over structures.

Thanks to www.potterandrest.co.uk for helping us with this blog post. 

Written by Sarah Johnstone — July 16, 2015

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