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Framed photographs, taken by ourselves, of our loved ones, are still an important part of our home décor despite the rise of the selfie and professionally taken, studio shots.

According to a survey of consumer attitudes by online photo lab WhiteWall, the key to making a house a home is keep sakes like photos of family and friends.

The study, conducted with the support of well-known interior designer Richard Randall, set out to establish how important Brits believe printed photography is to their home environment, especially at the moment when the digital age is upon us.

It found a massive 75% of those questioned still have self-taken printed images on display in our homes and we attach enormous importance to them. Nearly nine out of ten (86%) of those that took part in the survey also believed their home wouldn’t be as ‘homely’ without their own images on display.

Marieke Goethe from WhiteWall said: “This makes perfect sense – our homes should be personal to us and having pictures of people and places we love on display is a great way of doing this.”

Here at Elsie & Fleur, we find our Angie Spurgeon designed and illustrated, aperture, family tree picture frame is very popular with people wishing to display small photos of loved ones in a pretty and unique way.

Interior designer Richard Randall, explained: “From a design point of view, what people are printing, and why they are selecting these images, is also really interesting.  Very few (7%) say they are influenced by fashions or trends, instead people are choosing pictures they have a personal connection to, bring back happy memories or remind them of a significant personal event.

“This helps to explain why – regardless of age group or gender – photos of partners and immediate family are the most popular subject matters, followed by images of pets and holidays.”

Check back here on Wednesday for Richard’s expert tips for using photos in your home.

Written by Sarah Johnstone — September 21, 2015

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