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One of the key decorative trends at Christmas is going back to nature – using wood and eco-friendly, natural materials.

Woodland creatures will be popular decorations again this year. Perfect for a rustic Christmas setting, so don’t be surprised to see a variety of owl, rabbit, fox and deer ornaments in the most fashionable of homes.

Products made from driftwood will also be on people’s Christmas lists such as wreaths and Christmas trees. We expect people to be bring the outside in and create homemade decorations in a woodland theme with pine cones and holly.

In contrast to this we anticipated that contemporary colourful decorations using stained glass will be all the rage too. Bright red, which is one of the quintessential colours of the festive season will still be key but within this theme used with all the colours of the rainbow. Bright and bold and simple will be effective

Driftwood and cone wreath (comes with hanging hook not shown)
H30cm. £22

 Driftwood and cone wreath

Star on spring tree topper
H16cm. £7.49

Star on spring tree topper

Driftwood and shell Christmas tree (available in two sizes)
Small approx. H40cm. £20
Large approx. H60cm. £25

 Driftwood and shell Christmas tree (available in two sizes)

Rustic reindeer (available in small, medium and large)
Small reindeer. H19cm. £10
Medium reindeer. H36cm. £20
Large reindeer H49cm. £25

 Rustic deer (available in small, medium and large)

Pack of five wooden snowflake pegs (other designs available)

H7cm (peg size). £3 per pack

 Pack of five wooden snowflake pegs

Freestanding wooden reindeer decoration
H7.5cm. £6.50

Freestanding wooden reindeer

Pyrography freestanding reindeer decoration
H8cm. £6

Pyrography freestanding reindeer

Freestanding glass fused 3D Christmas trees (available in red and green)
Small H10cm. £14.95
Medium H12cm. £16.95
Large H14cm. £18.95


Written by Sarah Johnstone — October 27, 2015

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