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If you like a good boogie while doing the dusting then you’re not alone.

A survey by the UK’s number one chemical-free cleaning brand e-cloth has revealed that four out of five (84%) of us listen to music to help motivate ourselves when doing the cleaning.

Favourite tunes include ‘Eye of the Tiger’ by Survivor (24%), ‘Uptown Funk’ by Bruno Mars ft Mark Ronson (22%) and ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ by Cyndi Lauper (20%).

As well as loving a bit of music while cleaning, us Brits remain a very house proud nation according to the e-cloth survey. With a quarter of people (27%) spending almost 30 minutes cleaning the house before having a friend round and 52% claiming to be more house proud than they used to be. However, we’re increasingly using different cleaning methods to keep up with The Joneses too.

The poll revealed a strong shift towards greener cleaning methods with 59% reported being concerned about the effects of chemical cleaning products on themselves, their family and their pets.

With recent news stories such as the study from the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine showing a link between the use of household bleach and chest infections in children, it is no surprise that there continues to be a shift towards chemical-free cleaning products.

e-cloth spokesperson, Laurence Smith, said: “We’ve seen a massive growth in demand for alternatives to chemical cleaning products, and with 61% of consumers concerned about how chemical products affect allergies and asthma, it's no surprise.”

For further details visit: www.e-cloth.com.

Written by Sarah Johnstone — October 28, 2015

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