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The summer, which now seems a distant memory, was once again a bit of a damp one here in the UK and with a warm, wet summer come spiders and moths. But what can you do to get rid of them?

Homes in Britain have seen an influx of large spiders recently as males came indoors on the hunt for a mate. Now as the weather turns cooler they are looking to hibernate in our homes too.

So how do we keep them at bay? Conkers! Yes conkers are definitely a deterant and popping them in our drawers does help. There is something about conkers they just don’t like.

Spiders smell with their feet and hate chestnut oil. So if you can’t get your hands on conkers then buy a chestnut oil spray to use on door frames and plug holes.

Another little creature that can cause havoc over the winter is the moth. But the good news is they don’t like to be disturbed, so if you open up your cupboards once a month and shake everything out this will help move them on. Do the same with carpets – regularly move furniture and clean under wardrobes and tables.

Moths love dirty clothing so make sure everything you put away is clean, use sealed plastic bags or boxes for anything delicate and for all natural fibres. Be sure everything is washed before storing away.

Moths also love central heating so turn off radiators in empty rooms and open windows regularly to allow air to circulate.

If you find yourself facing a moth infestation, experts recommend finding the source of the larvae such as pile of old clothes or toys and targeting this first by taking it outside and beating with a broom or brush.

However not all moths are clothing nibblers. There are 2,500 species and just two or three that damage clothes. The larger, prettier ones you see in your garden aren’t going to do any harm to your woollies, as they feed on trees and leaves.

One top tip for getting rid of them is using lavender scented items such as our felt lavender birds that look great hanging in a wardrobe.

Written by Sarah Johnstone — December 18, 2015

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