Elsie & Fleur

Elsie represents the inspiration for the vintage side of our online boutique. She was a real person. 

Her exact birthday and age still remains a bit of a mystery. For years her birthday was celebrated by her family in January, when in fact it was in November, and the year she was born was hazy too. 

Elsie was born around 1906 in Woodbridge, Suffolk but as she was illegitimate, and her father was unknown to all but her mother, in later life she lied about her date of birth to avoid the shame she felt.

In those days being born outside of marriage and of ‘dubious parentage’ was a massive social stigma. It had a significant impact on her life and as a child she felt like an outsider.

To this day, no one knows who Elsie’s father was, but family legend has it that he was an Italian chef, hence her definite, dark, Latin looks.

Written by Sarah Johnstone — June 24, 2013

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