Elsie & Fleur

Elise & Fleur is a new online boutique for food, garden, home and lifestyle products that have been made with love by artisan crafters and creators in the Westcountry. Although our sales will be made nationally, products will be sourced purely from the Westcountry – ‘the best of the West’. 

We aim to offer people the chance to buy unusual, handmade yet affordable items. We appreciate people may source the components of what they make elsewhere but all the items featured will be handmade in the Westcountry.

We are currently sourcing products to populate the site for a summer range, an autumn range and then a Christmas range (there may be some overlap in products as they may be featured in all three ranges depending on what they are). 

We want to provide a ‘happiness guarantee’ to suppliers and customers alike so we have a good working/customer relationship that is mutually beneficial and enjoyable to all. There will be a no quibble returns policy for customers for example. Suppliers will be offered fair terms and fair prices.

What are we looking for supplier wise?

We’re looking for people who would like to supply us with Westcountry-made products for our website. We’re keen to hear from anyone who makes their own home, garden, food and lifestyle items. We are also looking at a ‘Little Fleur & Elsie’ children’s range of clothing and toys etc.

We’d like to showcase some of the best of Westcountry crafts and to offer people the chance to buy unusual yet affordable items online.

We’re keen to meet with food producers with mail order-able products, card makers, illustrators, sewing geniuses, knitters, designers, crafters who make things from driftwood, glass workers, potters and anyone who is crafty really.

We’re looking to have a price ceiling on products of around £40 per item, ensuring the shopper can buy often exclusive or rare items without a hefty price tag and we’ll be looking at new ranges each season.

Why are we doing it?

  • Because we all deserve to buy things made with love. We’re not fans of the mass market items made overseas, but appreciate in this country we have lost our manufacturing capacity. We’d like to keep money circulating in Great Britain, to support the lifeblood of the country – small businesses.
  • We want to buy things that we know our next door neighbour doesn’t have. We’re looking for a gentle start and something that will build gradually.
  • We believe there’s a market for unique, handcrafted items that are the best of the West/British but don’t carry a hefty price tag. We’re in a recession and people want value for money.

Written by Sarah Johnstone — June 26, 2013

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