Elsie & Fleur

If you've been following our progress at Elsie & Fleur you will have already read all about one of our namesakes Elsie and her life.

She has been the partial inspiration for our forthcoming retail website as she was a keen crafter in the days when it was essential to be able to make your own clothes, gifts and housewares.

As we’ve started to develop the business and gain momentum we’ve been able to do more research about Elsie’s background and have found out lots of interesting new information about her.

We’ve been able to get hold of Elsie’s birth certificate, which says she was born in the November the year before we thought she was and that her arrival wasn’t registered until the following January.

Surprisingly there is a name for her father on the birth certificate, so the family story about her being illegitimate may not have been true after all. But as we have no close living relatives to chat to about all this we’re just going by gut instincts.

The name they have put down for her father is the brother of the man who eventually became her stepfather. This man, as far as we’re aware did not have anything to do with Elsie and died when she was fairly young. He never married her mother and her mother also did not look after her when she was a child.

She was brought up by a lady called Mrs Eaves, who wasn’t related to her as far as we’re aware. Elsie then went to live with her mother and her stepfather after they married.

The man on her birth certificate was never mentioned by Elsie in her lifetime. Also she was the one who said her father was an Italian chef and she definitely had dark, Latin colouring and looks.

Her birth certificate was a closely guarded secret. But was it because Elsie was a year older than she told everyone or that her mother wanted people to know. Or was it to do with the name they used for her father?

Without someone living and known to ask it’s tricky to work it all out, Elsie did have a half brother who she fell out and lost touch with, so it would be interesting to see if we can find his son and any grandchildren. That’s where we’re headed next…

Written by Sarah Johnstone — June 26, 2013

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