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All-year-round we don’t give reindeers a second thought but come Christmas they are one of the key emblems of the festive season.

It’s no surprise Father Christmas choose these happy herbivores to pull his sleigh as they can run 50 miles per hour.

And, like our products, every reindeer is unique, as no two have antlers that are exactly the same. Here’s our Christmas 2018 reindeer collection:

Driftwood with two trees and two reindeers

Base approx. L19cm and approx. H6cm. £10.99. Driftwood may vary as each piece is unique. Handmade

Ribbon with hanging hearts and leaping deer

Approx. H55cm (including hanging ring). £10.99. Handmade in Somerset

Reindeer plaques

Approx. 10cm x 10xm (excluding hanging twine). £4.99. Handmade in Somerset

The two reindeer

Base approx. L7.5cm and approx. H6cm at highest point. £4.99. Handmade in Somerset


Believe Christmas card

148mm x 148mm. £2

Written by Cherry Pullinger — October 19, 2018

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