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If you are trying to garden sustainably and also save money on your water bills then conserving water is very important.

Here are a few ideas to help minimise the need to water this summer:

  • Grow more drought-tolerant plants
  • Mulch the soil so it retains more moisture
  • Leave your grass to grow longer during dry spells
  • Sowing or encouraging clover and yarrow in your lawn will help keep it greener without watering it
  • Collecting rainwater from guttering
  • Also reduce the number of hard surfaces you have in your garden like concrete and paving, which speed up the run off of rain into drains. It’s better for the garden if any rain soaks into the soil
  • Use watering cans when watering to help control the amount of water you are giving and any water wastage is minimised.

Written by Cherry Pullinger — June 12, 2018

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