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It is important to make sure your visitors are going to enjoy their festive stay as much as possible.

We have some advice this year (2016) to make sure your home is guest ready this Christmas.

Give the room they will be staying in a deep clean. Pull the covers back off the bed and air out the mattress too. Re-make the bed with crisp, freshly laundered linen and ensure you provide an extra blanket and pillows.

If your guests are staying for a while, empty a few drawers and make space in the wardrobe so they have somewhere to unpack their clothes.

If young children will be using the room, childproof it and make sure any electrical sockets are covered.

Provide magazines and books, which your guests can read if they didn’t bring their own.

Finally, and most importantly for Christmas visitors, place a stocking at the end of the bed so that no one misses out on their pressies when Santa calls.

If you’re going to be a guest at someone’s house, don’t forget to send

a ‘thank you’ card when you get back home.

We stock a unique selection of items to make your guests feel at home this Christmas. All the items have been created with love by gift makers based in the Westcountry.

Our last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery is Monday, December 19, 2016.

Hand sewn Christmas stocking
Approx. H50cm x W25cm. £19.99

Christmas stocking

Personalised wooden Christmas tree decoration
Approx. H9cm. £3.99

 Personalised wooden Christmas tree decoration

Lavender hand lotion
250ml. £10

 Hand lotion

Lavender Milk Soap
Not less than 100gms. £4.95

 Lavender Milk Soap


Written by Sarah Johnstone — December 15, 2016

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