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Wood burning stoves often provide the centrepiece in living spaces, so it’s important to keep them in good condition and looking shiny and new, as well working to their full potential.

Chips and fading can occur with time, but rather than living with the wear and tear or going for the costly option of buying a replacement, you can get suitable paints to give your wood burner a spruce up.

Go for Rust-Oleum’s Stove & BBQ Paint, which is suitable for stoves, BBQs and even discoloured radiators, withstanding heat up to 650 degrees. 

As with any fire, burning wood creates dust and ash, which can get messy, lead to more housework and dusty air that you’ll be breathing in.

To reduce your contact with the dust, always keep the wood burner door closed when in use, make sure the wood is properly dry before using it and once every so often clean the residue ash away with a dustpan and brush.

These tips have been compiled with the help of www.firemizer.com. Firemizer is a solid fuel saving device manufactured in the UK by Microtex Products Limited.


Written by Sarah Johnstone — September 12, 2017

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