Elsie & Fleur

Our maker, Paul takes unwanted driftwood washed up on the Somerset shoreline and other items to create his rustic wreaths, trees and crafty reindeer. Each reindeer comes with its own nametag too!

Paul, who is based in Somerset and teaches physics at a secondary school, spends his spare time collecting and creating objects from wood.

He says: “Making things is a contrast to my day job, it is very therapeutic and I enjoy the comments people make about my items.

“My most important tool when crafting is quite often a torch when it is late and I need more antlers for the reindeer herd in November. In the other hand will be some sharp secateurs!”

Paul’s love for crafting began while working on projects with his dad and designing stage sets at school and college.

He started making the reindeers after a rowan tree fell into his garden seven years ago. He cut it up and made reindeers for his daughters, and went on to create an entire herd. Paul also makes driftwood wreaths and Christmas trees for us.

Written by Cherry Pullinger — October 26, 2017

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