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Picnics are much more than food, they are all about getting outdoors and enjoying some precious time with friends and family.

It’s a wonderful combination of fresh air, relaxation, time well spent and, if you’re in to rounders or cricket, then it’s a good bit of gentle exercise too.

But what are the picnic essentials all successful outings need?

  • A sturdy bag to carry all your comestibles, blankets and ball games in. We recommend our bibic bag, which is strong and ample for most jobs. It costs just £5 and all the monies raised from its sale goes to the children’s charity.
  • Something to keep your sarnies cool like a cool bag.
  • Airtight plastic containers that keep food locked in to prevent spillages.
  • Something suitable and comfortable to sit on such as folding chairs, cushions and rugs. If the grass is damp go for water resistant cushions and rubber backed rugs. We stock some stylish waterproof cushions that are perfect for the job.
  • Cutlery, plates and glasses/cups – you may wish to select lightweight, disposable options but these days it is always good to consider the environment and have items you can re-use.
  • Pack antibacterial gel and napkins – cloth ones can be washed and re-used over and over.
  • Once the picnic is over be sure you have a bin bag to be able to tidy up the area and so that you can dispose of your rubbish or take them home.

Written by Cherry Pullinger — April 23, 2018

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