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We’ve gone hare crazy this autumn and have popped together a collection of some of the best Lepus inspired products created in the Westcountry for you including some festive cards, so we’re mashing-up autumn with Christmas:

Star gazing hare cushion

H15cm x W15cm. £9.99 

Hugo Hare jug and mug

Hugo Hare jug
Pint jug H13.5cm. £20
Half pint jug H11cm. £16

Made from bone china and designed, hand printed and decorated in the Westcountry

Hugo Hare mug
H8.8cm x W8cm. £12.99

Hare print oven glove

£24. 100% cotton. Designed in the Westcountry and handmade in England

Hare and sitting hare coasters

H10cm x W10cm. £3.75 each. £14 for pack for 4 – two designs available

Henry the hare cushion

H45cm x W45cm. £34.95. 100% cotton, machine washable and zipped along the bottom edge. It comes with either a feather filled or hollow fibre cushion pad inside

Hare print tea towel

W48cm x H78cm. £12. 100% cotton

Christmas and greetings cards


H14.5cm x W14.5cm. £2.60

Henry hare print

31cm x 41cm. £30

Written by Cherry Pullinger — September 27, 2018

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