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Once the festivities are over, it’s time to turn our attentions to the spring and bringing some more colour into our lives after the Christmas decorations are taken down on twelfth night.

It’s also time to send a few ‘thank you’ cards, to cosy-up, cook-up some treats and start a few crafty projects until the evenings start to lighten again.

‘Thank you’ cards

We stock a range of suitable cards to use for ‘thank you’ notes after Christmas. Prices from £2 each

Daisy rabbit mug

H8.8cm x W8cm. £12.99

Hand illustrated bone china mug. Designed, hand printed and decorated in the Westcountry.

Heart felted nest and eggs

Nest H3cm (diameter 9cm). Perfect for bookcases and side tables. £16. Made in Somerset.

Primula print oven glove

Available in dark blue or light blue, with matching primula print tea towels too. 100% cotton. Designed in the Westcountry and handmade in England.

Cockerel tea towel

W48cm x H8cm. £12. 100% cotton

Written by Cherry Pullinger — November 29, 2018

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