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With the chance of an Indian summer, there’s still the chance to entertain and relax outdoors this month.

There’s been a growing trend recently towards garden ‘decorating’ with homeowners looking to fill their outdoor spaces with the comforts and conveniences of the indoors, according to Trex Company, the leader in high-performance, low-maintenance outdoor living products such as decking.

Trex suggests we all consider how we can get the very best from our outdoor spaces and extend the time we spend in them and has come up with a few suggestions below:

  • Go for cover – a pergola can act as an extension of your house, creating the effect of an outdoor room.
  • Illuminate – outdoor lighting can significantly extend the amount of time you're able to spend enjoying your outdoor space.
  • Add flair with personal touches – use waterproof pillows and stain-resistant fabrics, elegant outdoor tableware, and stylish citronella candles.
  • Plant it – vibrant seasonal plants to add colour to an outdoor space.

For more tips from Trex visit www.trex.com/uk.


Written by Sarah Johnstone — August 31, 2016

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